“Unique Approach” | National Experts Spotlight ARC

Kentucky recently ranked first in adult access to mental health, but fourth in drug overdose rates across the United States. Becker’s Behavioral Health, a group of experts covering the most pressing issues in Behavioral Health spotlighted Addiction Recovery’s addiction treatment program to understand its “unique approach.” Becker’s experts connected with ARC’s chief administration officer, Matt Brown, to discuss our strategy […]

Xylazine Concerns Growing | What You Should Know

As part of its ongoing efforts to fight the dangerous and deadly combination of xylazine and fentanyl, the White House recently released a National Response Plan to address this growing threat. According to the plan, the federal government intends to develop and deploy a treatment framework for individuals exposed to xylazine. “Addiction Recovery Care has […]

New Report Ranks Kentucky #1 for Adult Access to Mental Health Care

A new report published by Mental Health America ranks Kentucky #1 nationwide for lower prevalence of mental illness and higher rates of access to care among adults. The ranking is based on several metrics, including: adults with any mental illness (AMI), adults with substance use disorder in the past year, adults with serious thoughts for […]

This Father’s Day, Addiction Recovery Care Celebrates Dads In Recovery

Father’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate the men in our lives who have helped guide us. This year, Addiction Recovery Care (ARC) is reminding us how recovery can rebuild and reunite families. Hunter Glasscock and Gerald “Jerry” Long are two fathers with stories we can all learn something from. Their journeys are of repeated […]

Overdose Deaths Decline in Kentucky

According to the 2022 Overdose Fatality Report released today by Gov. Andy Beshear, 2,135 Kentuckians lost their lives to a drug overdose in 2022. This was a 5 percent decline compared to 2021 and is the first time in four years that Kentucky saw a year-over-year decline in drug overdose fatalities. “We are encouraged that […]

Healthcare Industry Leader Tim Hatfield Joins Addiction Recovery Care

Addiction Recovery Care (ARC) announced today that Timothy Hatfield has joined the company’s leadership team. Hatfield will serve as president of ARC’s newly formed hospital division, which will carry out the organization’s efforts to offer more comprehensive behavioral health and mental health services at a time when they are needed most. In this role, alongside […]

PARENTAL ALERT: Adderall abuse increasing among teens

Parents should be aware of their children’s study habits. A new report by the University of Michigan found a link between studying and the abuse of ADHD medications Adderall and Ritalin. “The study associates using both stimulant and non-stimulant ADHD medications with greater probability of experimenting with cocaine, methamphetamine, and other prescription stimulants.” Prescribed to treat symptoms […]

ARC names Sarah Adkins Site Administrator of Yellow Banks Facility

As Addiction Recovery Care (ARC) moves forward in opening Yellow Banks Recovery Center in Owensboro, the organization has hired Sarah Adkins as the center’s Administrator. Adkins brings more than a decade of experience in healthcare leadership.  Most recently, Adkins served as Director of Owensboro Regional Recovery, a Recovery Kentucky program. She serves on various local […]

ARC Announces Bellefonte Hospital and Recovery Center CEO

As Addiction Recovery Care (ARC) moves forward in opening Bellefonte Hospital and Recovery Center in Greenup County, the company has hired Johnathan Frazier as the center’s Chief Executive Officer. Frazier brings more than 15 years of experience in healthcare executive leadership.  Most recently, Frazier served as Market CEO for NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals, a network of inpatient […]

Drug overdose deaths decline in Kentucky for the first time in 4 years

For the first year since 2018, drug overdoses in Kentucky have declined. According to the Kentucky Injury Prevention and Research Center (KIPRC), 2,127 Kentuckians died from a drug overdose in 2022 compared with 2,257 in 2021. In a press release, Gov. Beshear noted, “While we find hope in the decline in drug overdose deaths, this […]