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New Kentucky program provides funding for individuals seeking treatment for opioid use disorder

Posted by Addiction Recovery Care

Kentucky residents earning less than 150 percent of the federal poverty level annually, which is approximately $18,000, and are seeking residential treatment for an opioid use disorder qualify to have the cost of 30 days of residential treatment covered by KORE funds.

Forgiven and Free

Posted by Loretta Smith

When a counselor told me that unforgiveness is like you are drinking the poison and expecting the other person to die. When I forgave myself and others it was like a very big load was removed from my shoulders. I had been packing that load since 2001. It had been so heavy.

Addiction Has Many Faces

Posted by Rhonda Nickell

I was on house arrest and waiting to go into treatment the next day, I had decided to cut my bracelet off and go on the run. As I talked to my dad about this he simply looked at me and said, “Gail, Aren’t you tired of running?” At the moment I could see all of the time I had wasted in addiction and at that moment I decided that enough was enough.

You were bought with a price

Posted by Madison Wardrip

My freshman year of high school is when I tried almost everything for the first time. I looked for anything that would change how I felt, no matter how long it lasted or didn’t last. There were days when I would drink a bottle of cough syrup before I went to bed so I could wake up high to go to school.

Love Has Called My Name

Posted by Tiffany Emerson

I was deeply depressed. I woke up every single day with the image of a gun in my mouth. I would go five or six days at a time being too depressed to shower. I often fantasized about being homeless so I could do all the drugs and drinking that I wanted. I felt like life was too hard for me and I didn’t want to do it. I felt like there was no escape because I couldn’t kill myself. I was a mother and I couldn’t do that to them.

God Said “Love Your Enemy,” so I Loved Myself

Posted by Randall Craft

I hated the man I was on the inside but on the outside I felt like the most important person in the world. My heart was cold, like stone. I wanted to die and prayed for God to take my life every day. I felt as though I was only existing and God had left me here in this world to suffer for all the bad things I had done.

He's not finished.

Posted by Kayla Parsons

I was made to feel like I would always be an addict, or at the very least that my past would always haunt me and I could never amount to anything of value. Every day of my life now proves that to be false. Every moment of pain that I have felt over my life now gives me purpose in helping others. My darkest days are my brightest light. I was so, so broken but now I get to show others that there is healing and hope.

The Storm is Over

Posted by Tyler Witten

My story doesn't start like most. I was raised in a Christian home, by both parents, went to church every Sunday morning, and was active in Youth Group. So why would I get started into drugs? Acceptance. I wanted to be liked by everyone. I started smoking weed in high school and drinking on weekends. Once that started I started questioning a lot about what I was taught as a child. I just did not see how there could be something out there that was so powerful and care and love me so much.

Addiction Has Many Faces

Posted by Rhonda Nickell

Addiction has many faces. It will destroy you if you let it. I grew up in a family of addiction and as a result I despised drugs/alcohol. At the age of nineteen I put my mother in treatment and was awarded custody of my sister. Life looked pretty good from the “outside looking in” for my husband and I. In reality, my life was falling apart. At the age of twenty-one I filed for a divorce. We fought over our children and I lost custody of them to their father. I felt like they had been wrongfully taken from me and the pain of living without them was unbearable. I saw a psychiatrist who prescribed me Xanax.

A Story of Hope from One of “Those People”

Posted by Carla Copley

My name is Carla Copley and I am someone that lived most of her adult life as an addict. I hadn’t always been someone that was selfish, self-centered, and living in a fantasy world. You see, I was raised right here in Fort Gay WV, by the most loving, understanding parents that anyone could ever have.