Medical Detox and Withdrawal Management

A Safe Environment

Medical detox, also known as withdrawal management, is often a necessary step in helping to manage the physical symptoms of addiction. There are several types of medications that ARC utilizes to help relieve symptoms of withdrawal.There is a wide range of symptoms an individual can experience during detox. 

Medical detoxification provides a safe environment to withdrawal from drugs or alcohol under medical supervision. When/if necessary, you receive medication to relieve some of the uncomfortable symptoms. This can make detox safer and easier to get through than if you tried to do it on your own. Medical detox won’t help you avoid all of these symptoms, but it can reduce their severity and allow you to detox in a comfortable environment.

Karen's Place Client

I came to ARC straight from jail, I was coming off of Suboxone. I never thought I would be able to stop using it. The nurses and providers encouraged me and gave me the proper medications to taper off safely. I am so grateful for the women who helped me during that time.

Symptoms May Include:

When the body becomes dependent on a substance, removal of the substance can cause physical, psychological, and behavioral symptoms.

The duration of medical of medical detoxification varies from person to person. That said, the time range tends to be 5 days to two weeks. Medical Detox phase will occur while in ARC’s Residential setting in Phase 1: 30 to 60 days (length varies depending on client needs).

We accept Kentucky Medicaid plans