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Casey's Law — Don't Wait for Rock Bottom

Addiction is an issue that is a difficult situation for family and loved ones of someone suffering from addiction. It can damage family relationships and cause tension. Addiction can endanger both the individual and the loved ones around them if they do not seek treatment. If your loved one isn’t willing to enter treatment voluntarily and refuses they have a problem, what can you do?

Casey’s Law allows loved ones to petition a court for drug rehabilitation. Parents, relatives, or friends of an addicted person can lawfully intervene and request involuntary, court-ordered addiction treatment for their addicted loved one through Casey’s Law. Involuntary treatment can be just as successful as voluntary. Most individuals suffering from addiction eventually reach a stage where they are court ordered to treatment since drugs and criminal activity often go hand in hand because addicts are forced by their disease to resort to any means necessary to obtain their drug. Court-ordered treatment can be effective regardless of who initiates it.

If you would like help sending your loved one to treatment using Casey’s Law, we can help with this process.

How we can help you with Casey’s Law

Loved ones can begin the process by filing a Casey’s Law petition with their local court system in Kentucky or Ohio. The petition is a short, three-page form that must be completed by the individual requesting the court to order a loved one to treatment. The form must also be notarized. Our intake coordinators can assist you with the completion of the form and notarization of the petition.

Because the petition requires a guarantee of payment from the petitioner, our intake coordinators can also speak with you about how to make the guarantee. In Kentucky and Ohio, the Medicaid program covers the costs of residential and outpatient treatment for individuals that qualify.

Occasionally, Casey’s Law petitioners may wish to have a conversation with an attorney, since the process involves a court proceeding. At Addiction Recovery Care, we have an attorney on staff that can answer any questions you may have about the process.

Physician and qualified health professional assessments

Our physicians and counselors can complete Casey’s Law assessments via telehealth. Once the petition has been filed with the court, the individual suffering from substance abuse must have two assessments by medical professionals completed within 14 days. One of these assessments must be completed by a physician.

Our intake coordinators can schedule telehealth assessments for the individual in the Casey’s Law petition, and an Addiction Recovery Care physician and counselor can evaluate and complete the assessments at no charge to you, the petitioner, or to the individual that is being assessed.

We can complete these assessments in person or via telehealth, which means that the individual can be assessed by video conference within the privacy of their home.

Our providers will complete the Casey’s Law assessment form for the court and return it to the court upon completion.

Finding a center for treatment

As part of the process, our intake coordinators can schedule an intake date for your loved one at one of our residential facilities. Once a judge determines that your loved one will be ordered to complete treatment, we will provide a bed for them. If you are interested in beginning the Casey’s Law process for a loved one, please contact us at (606) 638-0938 or complete the form below.