Rebecca Rohl’s Journey from Addiction to Empowering Author: A Tale of Transformation and Hope

Five years ago, Rebecca Rohl could have never imagined what her future held – a life filled with purpose, free from addiction – and that she’d be the author of a book to help others in need of encouragement and hope.

Rebecca spent nearly a decade in addiction, first with pain medications and then with alcohol. When Rebecca began to spiral down a dark path and refused to seek treatment, her mother, Melinda Hill, knew she had to act to save her daughter’s life. That’s when she filed for Casey’s Law.

Rebecca ended up spending years in and out of treatment, and it wasn’t until she entered a treatment program with Addiction Recovery Care that she was able to remain on the path to recovery.

“After I got out of rehab for the last time, God truly set me on a firm foundation and completely restored my career,” shared Rebecca in a recent interview with ARC. “Now, I study the art of change. I’m a change management for businesses – and I’ve baked that into the book intentionally to give a professional point of view on how you can take some really practical steps to change.”

While Rebecca initially started writing with the intent to help others in recovery, the book ended up evolving into something that can help anyone who is ready to change.

“We all have a story in us, and we’re not all called to write books, but we are called to share our stories and give others hope that they can overcome, too,” said Rebecca. “ARC is part of telling my story authentically. When I went to Karen’s Place for the first time, that was really where I began to see I wasn’t alone. There was a place I could go that wasn’t a jail –  because that’s what I always thought rehab was. I wanted to share a realistic view of what ARC is because it helped me discover that there is a whole new world. It’s really the core of the story.”

Rebecca celebrated five years in recovery on October 18, 2023 – the day of her book release.

“My hope is that it opens the eyes of the reader to see that change is possible through God and that it’s fun. It’s not this daunting thing – it’s an adventurous journey,” added Rebecca.

Rebecca’s book, “Living Changed: 33 Keys to Freedom” is available for purchase now.