Former State Trooper making an impact

Across the Commonwealth, blue – lights up the night sky along roads and towns in Kentucky.  Often, our neighbors, family, or friends serving in law enforcement step into uncertain environments to protect the community. In 2021, Kentucky State Police arrested more than 57,000 Kentuckians on drugs and narcotics charges and an additional 17,000+ for driving under the influence. Both increased from the year prior.

Despite those statistics, many State Troopers will tell you about the success stories they’ve seen of people overcoming substance use. For some, it helps them push ahead to continue their work saving lives. 


Addiction Recovery Care hired former Kentucky State Police Sargent Gary Lafferty in 2021 to serve as Director of Safety and Security. Lafferty spent 20 years working at KSP until he decided to retire.

“Often police officers and the general public only see the negative, the bad parts of drug addiction and substance abuse,” says Lafferty. “But, it is not as easy to see as the good results.”

For two decades, he made arrests, wrote citations, and provided testimony before juries. But, it is the work he performs now where he witnesses the rewarding benefit of HOPE.

“Seeing so many good results and success stories have been truly a blessing,” says Lafferty about his time working for Addiction Recovery Care. “I think it is great for a resume when someone can say I’ve been sober for so long, and I find a great appreciation and understanding for that.”


Today, Lafferty spends much of his time at work reviewing and writing new policies. While leading the efforts to ensure Addiction Recovery Care facilities remain as secure and safe as possible. 

“Many come in from terrible situations where they have no safety or security,” Lafferty elaborated. “To make sure they are safe is one less thing they have to focus on while focusing on their recovery.”

Lafferty enjoys spending time with his children and competing in triathlons during his spare time.