Fighting for the future: Kentucky on frontlines of national addiction epidemic

By Tim Robinson, ARC CEO, Founder and President Addiction is one of the most difficult and destructive things a family can experience. It can tear people apart, and in worst case scenarios, leave loved ones grieving and wondering if there’s anything they could have done differently. In Kentucky, the addiction crisis impacts thousands of families […]

BLOG | We’ve never been in addiction but working in recovery changed our lives

Did you know of the 1,100 Addiction Recovery Care employees, roughly half of those people have not been in addiction but still choose to work in the field? However, many have witnessed the disease’s ripple effect through their family and/or community. For them, the work can be just as rewarding as recovery – finding purpose […]

BLOG | This Mother’s Day my kids are back and so am I

By Theresa LaFeve Being a mom was something I was first able to experience at 20-years-old. A year later, I would give birth to my second child. Like many, my addiction only grew after both my daughters’ births.  In 2015, I would travel to every trap house looking for meth with my daughters in the […]

New data uncovers sharp spike in teen overdoses

A new study has uncovered disturbing data showing a 94 percent increase in fatal overdoses among teenagers.  The study, published by the JAMA Network, found in 2019, there were 492 fatal overdoses among adolescents. In 2020 the number nearly doubled to 954, reflecting a 94 percent increase.  The study found drug use among teens decreased […]

BLOG | Untreated trauma and relapse go hand in hand

Rich Goddard, LPCC Why do I constantly find myself relapsing after a few months of sobriety? Why can’t I seem to let go of things from the past? Why do I feel anxious and feel the need to control?  If you have experienced trauma in the past it may seem once you are starting to […]

Addiction Recovery Care encourages treatment as alcohol related deaths rise

Alcohol-related deaths spiked during the pandemic, according to a new study.  The New York Times reports that alcohol-related deaths, including from liver disease and accidents, rose to 99,017 in 2020, up from 78,927 in 2019 – a staggering increase of 25 percent in just one year. This is a notable rise from the average annual increase of 3.6 percent […]