Addiction Recovery Articles

Meagan Helton's Story; New Year, New You

Posted by Kyle Collier

Meagan was in addiction addiction for more than 8 years, now she's employed, and has custody of her son.

Michael Jones' Story; New Year, New You

Posted by Kyle Collier

Michael was in addiction addiction for more than 20 years, now he's employed, and dedicates each day to his faith.

Joshua Maggard's Story: New Year, New You.

Posted by Connor Dunwoodie

Joshua was in addiction for 13 years. He now has a full-time job, a home, and a family.

January Family Forum

Posted by Addiction Recovery Care

Addiction Recovery Care (ARC) is taking the fight against the epidemic to homes across Kentucky through a program called Family Foundations. Each day, mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters want help but do not know where to turn. So we want to equip family members with tools to help them build a foundation so their loved ones will seek out hope and sustain recovery.

Katherine Turner's Story: New Year, New You.

Posted by Connor Dunwoodie

Katherine's story is a shining example of why we truly believe you haven't missed the mark.

Trish's Story: Why I am a Recovery Connector

Posted by Connor Dunwoodie

Seeing addiction first-hand in her family, being a Recovery Connector is personal for Trish.

ARC named a Top 10 business to watch in 2021 by SOAR

Posted by Kyle Collier

ARC's unique blend of treatment and nationally renowned "Crisis to Career" model has yielded staggering success rates compared to other intervention programs. The expectation is to transform Appalachia and beyond by taking one of our most significant societal challenges and turning it into one of our greatest opportunities.

Op-ed | New Legislation Seeks to Create “Recovery Ready” Communities

Posted by Tim Robinson

The addiction crisis impacts everything from our schools and criminal justice system, to workforce participation and the economy. That’s why collaboration is so important when it comes to solving this problem—and why our legislation creates an advisory council comprised of recovery leaders, government officials, law enforcement, private sector employers and other key stakeholders who, as a first step, will work together to determine what makes a community “Recovery Ready.”

Restoring lives and a campus

Posted by Kyle Collier

As the sunrises over the rolling hills of Washington County, ARC employees and the men treated there welcome the new opportunities awaiting. Last week, Crown Recovery Center started accepting new clients. The facility is offering more than just a second chance for those seeking to break the chains of addiction. A revival in many ways for the old Saint Catharine College campus.

Family Foundations Forum

Posted by Kyle Collier

We believe second chances build those foundations. If you or a loved one is suffering from substance use disorder, our ARC Family Forum is the perfect outlet to get the information you need about recovery. You will learn about addiction and recovery resources available. Join us on Tuesday, December 15th at 6 PM for our forum or email for additional details.