Addiction Recovery Articles

Forgiven and Free

Posted by Loretta Smith

When a counselor told me that unforgiveness is like you are drinking the poison and expecting the other person to die. When I forgave myself and others it was like a very big load was removed from my shoulders. I had been packing that load since 2001. It had been so heavy.

Addiction Has Many Faces

Posted by Rhonda Nickell

I was on house arrest and waiting to go into treatment the next day, I had decided to cut my bracelet off and go on the run.

You were bought with a price

Posted by Madison Wardrip

My freshman year of high school is when I tried almost everything for the first time. I looked for anything that would change how I felt, no matter how long it lasted or didn’t last.

Love Has Called My Name

Posted by Tiffany Emerson

I was deeply depressed. I woke up every single day with the image of a gun in my mouth. I would go five or six days at a time being too depressed to shower.

God Said “Love Your Enemy,” so I Loved Myself

Posted by Randall Craft

I hated the man I was on the inside but on the outside I felt like the most important person in the world.

He's not finished.

Posted by Kayla Parsons

I was made to feel like I would always be an addict, or at the very least that my past would always haunt me and I could never amount to anything of value.

The Storm is Over

Posted by Tyler Witten

My story doesn't start like most. I was raised in a Christian home, by both parents, went to church every Sunday morning, and was active in Youth Group. So why would I get started into drugs? Acceptance.

Addiction Has Many Faces

Posted by Rhonda Nickell

Addiction has many faces. It will destroy you if you let it. I grew up in a family of addiction and as a result I despised drugs/alcohol.

A Story of Hope from One of “Those People”

Posted by Carla Copley

My name is Carla Copley and I am someone that lived most of her adult life as an addict. I hadn’t always been someone that was selfish, self-centered, and living in a fantasy world.

Karen's Place Maternity Center Opens

Posted by Addiction Recovery Care

Karen’s Place Maternity Center, a residential drug and alcohol treatment center for pregnant women, announced it is accepting new clients today.