ARC’s Liaison Team surpasses significant milestone in fight against substance use disorder

Addiction Recovery Care (ARC) is proud to announce that its Liaison Team has successfully connected over 20,000 individuals to substance use disorder treatment since its inception in 2018. This significant achievement underscores ARC’s unwavering commitment to transforming lives and communities impacted by addiction.

“This milestone is more than just a number; it represents thousands of lives touched, families reunited, and communities strengthened,” said Matt Brown, ARC Chief Administration Officer and President of ARC Healthcare. “Our Liaison Team’s dedication to creating Treatment on Demand is truly changing the landscape of recovery, one life at a time.”

With over two dozen representatives covering more than 100 counties across Kentucky, the ARC Liaison Team has been at the forefront of innovation in recovery services — ensuring that those struggling with substance use disorder receive the immediate support and care they need.

Their boots-on-the-ground approach helps them meet people where they are, even if they are not ready to pursue treatment at this time.

These community outreach efforts focus on building long-term relationships with individuals impacted by substance use disorders in criminal justice settings, hospitals, and doctors’ offices, among other locations.

“Our Liaison Team shares a unique personal touch with those they contact daily,” said Brandi Murriell, ARC’s Vice President of Outreach Relations. “They all have shared experiences, many in recovery themselves. We understand a one-on-one conversation can go a long way.”

Since opening its first facility in December 2010, ARC has cared for more than 75,000 individuals. ARC’s approach to addiction treatment, including residential and outpatient services, counseling, and job training, has positioned the organization as Kentucky’s leading recovery provider. As the Liaison Team continues to expand its outreach efforts, ARC remains committed to breaking the cycle of addiction and fostering long-term recovery for all individuals and their families.

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