ARC Shares Helpful Resources to Save Lives

This week, during Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) National Prevention Week, ARC is shining a spotlight on the vital role evidence-based prevention initiatives play in the fight against the addiction epidemic.

Prevention is a critical component in changing the calculus of the addiction crisis. If we can implement effective strategies to reduce the risk of substance use disorders, we can save families and communities from the devastating physical, emotional, spiritual and financial toll that addiction brings.

National Prevention Week is a powerful reminder of the impact that awareness and proactive measures can have on the overall public health. By focusing on education, early intervention, and supportive environments, prevention efforts can lead to healthier, more resilient populations.

There are a wide array of powerful prevention resources available on this front, including:






As we know, the battle against the insidious enemy of addiction takes all of us working together. Please join us in the important mission of promoting wellness and prevention — so that our families, friends and neighbors are equipped to combat substance abuse and the life-altering challenges it brings.