Drug overdose deaths decline in Kentucky for the first time in 4 years

For the first year since 2018, drug overdoses in Kentucky have declined. According to the Kentucky Injury Prevention and Research Center (KIPRC), 2,127 Kentuckians died from a drug overdose in 2022 compared with 2,257 in 2021. In a press release, Gov. Beshear noted, “While we find hope in the decline in drug overdose deaths, this […]

Addiction Recovery Care Echoes Warnings on Xylazine and Fentanyl

Federal officials are sounding the alarm on xylazine, also known as “tranq,” which is making fentanyl use even more dangerous and deadly. On April 12, 2023, the Biden administration designated fentanyl combined with xylazine as an emerging threat in the U.S. Xylazine is a non-opioid tranquilizer approved by the FDA for veterinary but not human […]