Social Workers | A Cornerstone for Treatment and Recovery

At Addiction Recovery Care (ARC), a leading provider of treatment and recovery services in Kentucky, some of the most vital members of the care team are often found behind the scenes: social workers.

March is National Social Work Month, and ARC is taking this time to recognize the invaluable contributions these professionals make to the recovery process every day.

Social workers play a critical role in nearly every aspect of the recovery journey. At ARC, social workers interact with clients throughout their treatment process, provide counseling and prepare them for life after treatment—all while ensuring they receive the medical care they need to reach long-term recovery.

“We are allied professionals who help people in crisis and who need our support,” said Megan Morris, one of ARC’s licensed clinical social workers (LCSW). “We serve as client advocates by finding solutions to their problems, which include mental health and substance use issues, and assess their needs, situations and strengths to help determine their goals.”

Social workers at ARC also work with clients on legal and custody issues and help them work through financial insecurity. They also serve as a link between the client and helpful community resources. Social workers plan with a treatment team, use psychosocial assessments, handle ongoing counseling and review their clients’ progress.

“Social workers are the glue that brings all the elements of our program together,” added Morris. “We begin by diagnosing clinical disorders and creating a plan for clients to reach their recovery goals.”

“I work alongside many talented people, doing great things for great people,” said Jalena Robertson-Adams, an ARC LCSW. “Our goal is helping clients prepare for the day when they return to the world outside of our doors.”

Throughout Kentucky and across the U.S., the number of individuals in need of SUD treatment continues to rise—and with it, so has demand for the workforce to support them. Social workers are among the top 25 most-needed professions in the state, according to the Kentucky Occupational Outlook to 2029 report.

“The most rewarding part of this career is helping our clients heal and watching them transform their lives for the better,” said Morris.

ARC is currently hiring social workers. For more information, please visit