900th Chance: Jon Storms’ Story

There was nothing that would stop Jon Storms from getting his pills. Even if that meant taking his son on a drug deal or an ice storm closing every road. Jon Storms was going to get his fix. 

Storms, as he is known by everyone around him, found addiction like many. An injury on the job led to a trip to the doctor which led to a prescription that would derail his life and rip apart his family. 

“At some point I figured out that if I took more than what the doctor prescribed it made me feel good,” said Storms. “I guess not so much in a physical way, more than I just didn’t have to worry about anything. It kind of numbed everything.” 

Originally from Corbin, Kentucky, Storms grew up in the family business – selling tires. From a young age, he knew that he would continue the tradition and work in the automotive industry. He was trusted and loved by everyone until the pills came into the picture. During his addiction, Storms began to steal and write fraudulent checks on behalf of the family business. 

“I could see what was happening in front of me, I could see the carnage and I couldn’t quit doing it,” said Storms. 

After being caught and a stint in jail, Storms realized it was time to seek help. He says God led him to research Addiction Recovery Care. At the time the closest facility was over two hours away at Sanibel House in Catlettsburg, Kentucky. 

“Some reason I came and I don’t know what that reason was other than something bigger than me making me come,” said Storms.

Storms successfully completed the program and decided to begin an internship in the peer support academy.  A year later he began working in the addiction treatment field as a peer support specialist before being called back to his true calling; working with vehicles. 

He now works full time in Addiction Recovery Care’s Second Chance Auto Garage.

The program allows those in recovery to learn and work towards receiving an Automotive Service of Excellence certification. The garage serves the Lawrence County, Kentucky area by providing automotive repair and detail work. 

Storms says now using what he loves most to train others is the calling he feels God intended for his life. 

“We are doing things no one else can,” said storms. “Just because we have an addiction doesn’t mean we are not good at what we do or anything. They get to see you happy, they see you can pay your electric bill versus blowing it on pills.”  

Jon Storms has been in recovery for five years and is now thriving in his role. He is also preparing to marry the love of his life, Kayla, later in 2022.