‘A hand of Hope’: ARC’s Tim Merritt delivers over 1,000 clients to a new beginning

Driving a white minivan across Kentucky day-in and day-out has never felt like a job to transportation specialist Tim Merritt. That’s because while the odometer reads thousands of miles, he only remembers the 1,000 plus people sitting in the backseat he had the opportunity to impact.

Like many, Merritt began his journey with ARC as a client just over two years ago. Facing a drug and alcohol addiction after the death of his father, he lost his job of over 23 years. His family and friends did all they could to help but Merritt says he was destined to be broken. 

Since then he has lived in sobriety and made his mission to give back to those who are living in the shoes he wore a short time ago.

As a transportation specialist, Merritt picks clients up across Kentucky and brings them to an Addiction Recovery Care (ARC) facility. Merritt is the first face in ARC many will see. It’s these moments he says he has a chance to open up and inspire others to cross over to a life of recovery. 

“So many people that we pick up thank me for picking them up and they don’t have to thank me,” said Merritt. “It’s my pleasure to be able to go get them and bring them in to get help. These clients help me just as much as I help them.” 

During the second week of May Merritt delivered his 1,000th client. Many of the people he has supplied rides to have gone on to become interns and find recovery with ARC. 

After sitting behind the wheel, Merritt is hanging up his keys to take on a new role with ARC on the project and development team specifically working as a warehouse specialist. 

The impact Merritt has made has not gone unnoticed. Corporate Director of Community Engagement and Client Success Wayne Sartin said this about Tim and his time behind the wheel.

“Tim and the transportation team are truly the people who meet people where they are and offer a hand of Hope. Without them, people would be stuck in their location and addiction.” 

ARC wishes Tim all the best in his new role and can’t wait to see his impact continue making waves across the company!