Tattoo Removal Ink helps ARC clients remove tattoos

Clients through ARC whom have felt the stigmatization from future employers due to visible tattoos have been given a second chance.  Clients receiving case management services through Belle Grove Springs have already attended two sessions with Jo Martin of Tattoo Removal Ink (TRI) in Florence, Ky.  Jo Martin “Woman of the Year” runs a non-profit in Northern Kentucky providing free removal of jail, gang and human-trafficking tattoos from the formerly-incarcerated, former gang members, and victims of human trafficking.  She has provided this service to better aid our clients with self esteem and better employment prospects.  TRI also offers an outreach program called Employment Advancement & Retention Needs. This occupational educational program offers free instruction and tutoring to improve TRI client’s potentials in their job search.  

This can be a life changing service for those with visible face, neck and hand tattoos.  Clients have been very grateful for this additional service offered to them. We are lucky to have Jo Martin, of Tattoo Removal Ink as a community partner. You can learn more about her nonprofit by visiting her website, Tattoo Removal Ink.

Addiction Recovery Care, LLC (ARC) operates a network of state-licensed residential and outpatient drug & alcohol abuse treatment centers in Kentucky.