Year In Review

Opportunity. Hope. Destiny.




ARC Founder & CEO
Addiction Recovery Care

This past year in 2021 we went into year two of a worldwide pandemic as we also continued to fight an epidemic. For me – I celebrated 15 years of sobriety and following a God that has given me the faith and grace to continue to follow Him, with purpose and joy.

I have been thinking about my own life and the work that we do at ARC. We started as a grassroots ministry and dedicated our work to helping those struggling with addiction find the hope and abundant life God has for us all. As I consider the work we do, I ask the question: are we still on the same founding mission?

As we embrace our shared destiny with Jesus, we come to have a greater understanding of our identity and the source of the dignity of our own life. We realize that our true identity is in community with all of God’s people as the neighbors we are called to love. It is when we are thriving together that we see more clearly God’s image.

There have been so many incredible things that have happened this past year. We fully opened new centers, including the nation’s largest treatment center: Crown Recovery Center in Springfield, Kentucky. We expanded into new markets with both residential and outpatient facilities. We acquired and made operational an institutional pharmacy and a rural health clinic. We expanded our workforce efforts and focused on strengthening our recovery programs and client safety across our organization.

We identified Virginia as the first state outside Kentucky where we will expand and committed to opening a facility in Dickerson County. I look back at 2021 and the past 15 years and count it all joy. Serving God humbled that I get to share in his shared destiny with you.

2022 will be a great year. And I am excited as we go to new communities and new states with the same mission we founded this organization to pursue – helping fulfill Jesus’ destiny in the lives of every person we love on His behalf for His glory.


Phone Calls Answered
Miles Driven
Pounds of Coffee Consumed
Clients Served in Residential Care
Transports to Treatment
Clients Served in Outpatient Care
GEDs Earned
Babies Born at Maternity Center
Decisions to Follow Christ



We continue to move forward with our plans to re-open the former Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital. A successful event was held in December, in conjunction with the Governor’s Office, announcing that a letter of Intent had been signed for the purchase of portions of the campus. The campus will include a 64-bed psychiatric hospital (40 psychiatric and 24 CDTC beds) as well as a 300-500 bed residential addiction treatment center. Our Executive Team continues to work to finalize a signed purchase agreement with Mercy Health/Diocese, which we hope will be executed soon. We continue to identify and plan for the necessary renovations that will be needed in order to meet physical plant requirements.

White Oak Hill

We are very excited about the impending opening of White Oak Hill in Martin County, Kentucky. Martin County has a historical significance as it was where Lyndon B. Johnson declared the war on poverty in 1963. Our focus is to continue that initial mission and do our part in the alleviation of poverty while helping people find their God-Given destiny. White Oak Hill will be a 144-bed facility that will offer the full spectrum of care to include withdrawal management, therapeutic community, life skills, job training, comprehensive medical, psychiatry and most importantly a significant focus on recovery from substance use disorder. Stay tuned for future updates on this exciting venture!


We create opportunities for people to discover hope and live their God-given destiny.


Opportunity Fairs and Talent and Engagement Team

The Talent and Engagement Team kicked off its first opportunity Fair in 2021. The goal of an opportunity Fair is to lay the foundation for success during and after treatment for ARC clients. The Talent and Engagement Team visited each residential facility every quarter to educate clients on internship opportunities. 

Clients hear real recovery testimonies that encourage them to let ARC help them go from crisis to career.


ARC’s transportation team is the answer to one of the biggest barriers to treatment. How do I get from my location to an actual treatment center? This is where our team comes into play. We will meet you where you are located and safely deliver you to the arms of one of our treatment centers. In 2021, we were able to do that for 4,751 men and women. No longer is location a barrier to rehabilitation. 


The safety department had a busy 2021. We accomplished: assisting in developing guidelines for safe transportation, assumed supervision of Crown Security, instituted a Safety Rubric that is currently in use to assess facilities, instituted a safe AMA “walk off” Policy, conducted Active Shooter training for all ARC staff both in person and virtually, installed Opioid Emergency Kits “Narcan Lockboxes” giving anyone in any ARC facility direct access to Narcan in the event of an emergency, and began incorporating the services of a certified drug dog company to assist in keeping our ARC community safer. We are proud of our hard work in 2021, and look forward to even more security progress in 2022!


When coming into our care, each ARC client is assessed to see what their highest level of education is. If a client does not have a high school education or GED, the center then connects them to the local adult education centers. There, they are enrolled in the state’s GED program. The adult education centers tutor and allow the clients to practice taking each of the four tests. Clients also have tutoring available to them through The Millard College. In 2021 alone, 66 GEDs were earned.


In 2021, our medical department and offerings grew substantially! Some of our highlights were:



Louisville Outpatient opened in 2021, focusing on commercial intensive outpatient services and individual counseling opportunities. The Louisville Outpatient, which is on the same campus as our new ARC Louisville home office, provides an excellent opportunity to serve the unmet needs of individuals with substance use disorder in Louisville, Kentucky. In 2022, we look forward to expanding services to include serving the Medicaid population, MOUD, psychiatric services, and providing a variety of levels of patient-centered care.

Eagle Creek

ARC was pleased to open Eagle Creek in Owen County in August of 2021, a unique facility with a capacity of nearly 100 beds for females seeking help for their addiction. In just four months, Eagle Creek had multiple women obtain their GED, and had over ten baptisms! Eagle Creek continues to engage the community and is excited to reach full capacity in 2022! This center fills a significant gap for those in that region needing help. 

Lancaster and Morehead

Lancaster and Morehead Outpatients are open and continue to build momentum in our growing outpatient footprint. We are very honored to have the ability to serve the needs of individuals in those communities



Crown Recovery Center finished the year with more than 500 men and women receiving care across four programs at the Springfield campus. 

Crown opened Crown Fitness, a commercial gym for the community, which quickly grew to 370 paid memberships, exclusive of first responders, who are invited to use the gym for free. Crown also made great strides in growing the partnership with Southeast Christian Church, which hosts over 300 clients in the Sunday morning services; with Southeast keeping two full time staffon campus for discipleship training and faith based mentoring. 

Crown began various vocational partnerships in 2021 ranging from career opportunities with Toyotomi to our welding internship and certified custodial technician program.