Mother of Matt Brown

Matt Brown and wife (far right) and his family 

How did you feel dropping off your loved one at treatment?
The day we took our son to treatment was a day filled with mixed emotions. We were filled with hope that this nightmare we were living in would finally start to be over. We were anxious about leaving him, but once we arrived at Belle Grove, and the staff welcomed us with open arms, we knew that he was in the right place. We were thankful that God led us there. All the staff reassured us that he would be ok with time. So as we drove off, we knew that he would get the love, care, and guidance that he needed to get his life back.


How is your loved one different since attending treatment?
After our son went through the rehab program, he came home, and we realized that he was a changed man. He took responsibility for the damage he had created with his family and his life.
We can never repay ARC for the opportunity they gave our son to become a whole person again. We are thankful that God led Tim Robinson to open his heart up to helping addicts to recover.

What would you tell someone dropping their loved one off at treatment?
Take that step and get your loved one help. Just know when you are dropping them off with ARC, you are leaving them in great hands. The staff there are concerned and caring. You will not regret choosing to trust your loved one with this great company.


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