Grandmother of Kayla Parsons


Kayla Parsons (Right) and her grandmother

How did you feel dropping off your loved one at treatment?
I felt a mixture of emotions. I knew I was doing the right thing, but it still hurt. I knew it was what she needed, though. She had been through a lot of treatments before, and nothing lasted; she would always relapse. I was hoping that there would be something different in this one. It killed me seeing her so broken, but I had hope.

How is your loved one different since attending treatment?
She’s a better person now. Her life has changed. I feel like she does a lot of what she wants to do. She had quit going to church, and I knew that was something that she had enjoyed. She’s responsible. She’s a mom now; her kids are a top priority. Now she’s the person that I always knew she could be.

What would you tell someone dropping their loved one off at treatment?
Stay strong. Be there for them. Visit them as often as you can. I know this is hard, but you’re doing the right thing. The best thing to do is to stand behind them and be there for them.

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