Cousin of Heather Charles

Heather Charles (left) and her cousin

How did you feel dropping off your loved one at treatment?
I was very scared when we dropped her off at Karen's Place. This house was beautiful on the outside, but we knew nothing of what was inside those walls. She didn't know anyone or what would come of this. I guess you could say I was scared for her and us all. I had never gone for an extended period of time without being able to speak to her. I was able to talk to her when I wanted, but I wouldn't be able to while she was in treatment. I knew that it would be a while before I could see or
talk to someone I love with all my heart. However, I knew that this was what she needed. I hoped that this was going to be the thing that brought my sister back to me. It had to work. She NEEDED for it to work.

How is your loved one different since attending treatment?
She has done a complete 360. She is now sober! My sister is BACK! She now has a stronger relationship with her family. This is something that was strained for some time. The treatment helped her to see beyond the pains of addiction. We always loved her and wanted what was best for her. She couldn't see it. We have a brand-new girl that knows with all her heart that our love for her is unconditional. We loved her at her worst, and we love her at her best. She has built some amazing friendships along her journey at ARC. She lets people in now. She is not only closer to us, but she is closer to GOD thanks to this journey at ARC.

What would you tell someone dropping their loved one off at treatment?
I would tell them not to be scared but to embrace the unexpected. It's not always bad. Be positive! Be supportive! Love them at their worst, not just at their best! They can overcome with compassion, support, and love!

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