Aunt of Jason Parsons

Jason Parsons and his aunt

How did you feel dropping off your loved one at treatment?
I felt so nervous. I was afraid that at any moment, it wouldn't happen. I was afraid the car door would open, and his mind would change, afraid he would leave, and we wouldn't hear from him again. When we finished the intake process and were ready to go, I felt peace. I had Hope. I knew that now there was a chance for true help. I was so thankful!

How is your loved one different since attending treatment?
Oh wow! The first thing I saw change was his anger. He began to develop coping skills that helped him not be so angry. When we dropped him off, he said, "You don't need to worry about coming to visit me, I will be fine. I know you are busy. I don't need anything. It's only 37 days. I am fine" Week by week, he would allow us a little closer. As his heart filled with the love of God, he allowed himself to accept our love and has certainly returned it in an amazing way. He is so selfless and asks for nothing. He is always ready to serve us, "do you need anything, and can I do anything for you?"
I love to hear him speak of God. I love to listen to him, sit with my husband and ask questions or just talk about the bible. What an amazing blessing!! His heart is wide open; he always wants more God. He wants to be a better man tomorrow than today. He wants to honor what God has done in his life by paying it forward to other men who are struggling as he did.

What would you tell someone dropping their loved one off at treatment?
There is Hope!! God is Hope! Trust the process. Be patient. Be strong. It's hard, but you can do this. You will probably sleep better tonight than you have in a long time. If you do not know Christ as your Lord, talk with one of the counselors or pastors at the center ~ they will be glad to introduce you. He will be your best friend through this process. You aren't alone.

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