Hunter Glasscock’s Experiences Changing Lives on and off the Court

Man crouched down on a basketball court

This article was originally published in the Summer 2024 issue of Living Recovery. To view the full issue, click here.

The passion for sports rarely leaves a person. Hunter Glasscock’s love for the game of football and basketball stuck with him through years of addiction. Now in recovery, his new game plan revolves around helping young athletes reach their full potential on and off the field.

 “Before addiction, I actually went to school to become a coach and teacher,” said Glasscock. “However, things ended up going in a different direction, and here we are today.”

In 2022, Glasscock joined the Washington County Commanders football coaching staff in the same community where he was working at Crown Recovery Center as lead Peer Support Specialist.

 His opportunities did not end on the football field. He was later named head freshman basketball coach and speaks to students three days a week, teaching impulse control, changing negative behaviors, and overall being the mentor many students need.

 “I am very transparent about my past and where I came from,” said Glasscock. “As much as I like helping the men at the [Crown Recovery] Center, my passion is to make sure these kids don’t end up like the man I once was. If nobody ends up addicted and I have to go get a new job, that’s great.”

 Community leaders took notice of Glasscock’s efforts on and off the field. In April, the Washington County Chamber of Commerce named him “Volunteer of the Year” – a title voted on by local community leaders.

“My job is to present Crown Recovery Center and recovery as a whole in a good light, and that starts with me,” said Glasscock. “If they see me doing things in the community, helping out or volunteering with kids, then that is great, and I am doing my job.”

 Glasscock now serves as an Addiction Recovery Care Community Engagement Specialist. He also serves on the Washington County Chamber of Commerce and coaches his stepson’s baseball team.

 As a member of the Washington County varsity boy’s basketball coaching staff, he helped lead the team to the 19th District championship. He now says his next goal is to help take the team to the state tournament. “It’s about the kids and their future. That is why I am where I am and do what I do.”