Addiction Recovery Care is proud to announce its newest comprehensive treatment center in Louisville, Kentucky. The John Walsh Center offers families and their loved ones struggling with substance use disorders one more place to turn for support and resources.

The John Walsh Center, which opens its doors to new clients on February 7, is the result of a partnership between Addiction Recovery Care (ARC), a leading provider of treatment and recovery services throughout Central and Eastern Kentucky, and John Walsh, a recovery pioneer with more than 45 years of knowledge and expertise in the field who joins ARC as senior director of recovery services.

ARC’s new John Walsh Center is located in Louisville.

Walsh, who began his career as a substance use counselor in the 1970s, is nationally recognized for his compassionate, evidence-based, family-focused model of treatment and recovery. Walsh began his first private practice in 1980, providing counseling and interventions for people and families struggling with substance use, and co-founded The Morton Center in Louisville in 1984.

John Walsh serves as senior director of recovery services for Addiction Recovery Care.

The John Walsh Center – ARC’s first physical location in the Greater Louisville area – will emphasize the importance of incorporating family members in the recovery process and ensuring they have the resources and information they need to support their loved ones.

“I’ve had a long-term relationship with Tim Robinson and ARC and am very excited we’ve finally established a treatment presence in the Louisville community. The timing couldn’t be better as the rates of both opioid and alcohol use continue their dramatic rise in our Louisville metro area,” said Walsh. “With overdose deaths in Jefferson County still above pre-pandemic levels, we feel strongly that this new treatment program will make a positive impact and allow more Kentuckians to access the resources they need to lead healthier, more purpose-driven lives.”

At the John Walsh Center, ARC is offering an intensive outpatient program (IOP) with four days of evening programming that includes group therapy, individual therapy and family education. In addition, the Center’s private practice is offering one-on-one and group therapy for individuals and their family members impacted by substance use.

“ARC is committed to meeting our clients where they are and helping them find the treatment program that best fits their needs. Outpatient programs are a critical offering as we continue our mission to help more individuals reach long-term recovery,” said Matt Brown, ARC’s senior vice president of administration.

The John Walsh Center intensive outpatient program (IOP) is designed to accept most private insurance.

The John Walsh Center is located at 3001 Taylor Springs Drive. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 606-638-0938.