In the News | ARC’s Pat Fogarty discusses trend of fentanyl exposures in vape pens

Kyle Collier | Dec 08, 2021

Addiction Recovery Care’s Vice President of Operations joined WKYT journalist Chad Hedrick to discuss the recent trend of fentanyl exposures in vape pens.

The dangerous trend has come to light in recent months after multiple staff members at a Tennessee highschool were exposed and later treated using Narcan. The DEA has found vape pens are commonly being laced with illegal substances -- fentanyl being the latest. 

“I was hoping we would never have to have this conversation,” said Fogarty. “But it’s here, and you see it once and we’re probably going to see it more.”

Fogarty urges the public to know what you are putting into your bodies as the growing trend of using a vape pen for illegal substances skyrockets. 

“We’re most concerned with vapes with a variety of synthetic cannabinoids that get into vapes that can be dangerous to anybody, as well as variants of meth,” Fogarty told WKYT.

The DEA reports the smallest amount of fentanyl can prove to be deadly for anyone that comes into contact with the powdery substance.

If you or someone you know is using vape pens to consume dangerous drugs, please urge them to seek help. 

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