Local organization launches weekly group meeting to inspire hope in those struggling, with help from ARC employee’s ministry

Kyle Collier | Feb 04, 2021


The East Kentucky Dream Center has always been a source of hope. Together with their new partner, one of ARC’s employees, and his ministry, the reach of the hope they spread will soon grow.


“There are so many things that we do,” said Rachel Dotson, the East Kentucky Dream Center Executive Director, in an interview with Mountain Top News. “Eastern Kentucky is known for its poverty, with poverty, that breeds addiction, addiction breeds struggle, everything goes hand in hand. So I felt like we were helping all areas of the mountains, but we’re missing that one spot.”


A void now filled with a new partnership between the East Kentucky Dream Center and Michael Clark Ministries. The new services will be a version of “Celebrate Recovery,” which will not just focus on recovery from drugs and alcohol but recovery of any sorts, such as recovery from trauma. 


Clark knows the struggles of addiction first hand. He battled addiction for decades before going through recovery himself. 


“So I’m coming from a place of experience, not a textbook,” Clark said. “What I do is share the story of hope and redemption, and my best sermons are not with my lips but with my life.” 


Clark, who works at Addiction Recovery Care, has helped people from across the state get into treatment. He hopes this will be a place where people struggling from any sort of hurt, pain, or addiction come. 


“We’ll sure show you some love. We’ll encourage you,” he added. 


Beginning on Feb. 10, the Promise Place Recovery Group will meet every Wednesday starting 6 p.m. at the East Kentucky Dream Center, located at 127 Hibbard Street, in downtown Pikeville, Ky. 


To learn more about the East Kentucky Dream Center, you can visit their website here.


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