Restoring lives and a campus

Kyle Collier | Dec 10, 2020


As the sunrises over the rolling hills of Washington County, ARC employees and the men treated there welcome the new opportunities awaiting. Last week, Crown Recovery Center started accepting new clients.

The facility is offering more than just a second chance for those seeking to break the chains of addiction. A revival in many ways for the old Saint Catharine College campus.

"Everything is going to work out for you in an atmosphere like this," one client told WDRB's Dalton Godbey. "There's a lot of hope, a lot of healing, a lot of healthy things that can come out of this situation."

In his report Godbey zeroed in on the potential economic impact ARC's newest residential facility could have in Springfield.

While providing care and resources to lead these men to recovery, it's also providing 260 jobs in the city of Springfield. Local officials and leadership at the ARC call it a big gain for the local economy, especially after losing so many jobs when the college closed in 2016. "We're bringing 260 jobs to this community, and we want to give back," Crown Recovery Center Community CEO John Wilson said. "We're trying to be a good neighbor, a good community partner." Along with the jobs at the facility, ARC's program also aims to make the patients career-ready when they graduate the program. ARC's mission is to go from crisis to career. The work being done during recovery for the hundreds of men who will be treated at the Crown Recovery Center could lead to them all being ready for the workforce.

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